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Six points or more accrued in an 18 month period is a violation of the New York Driver Responsibility Act which results in a fine of $100 per year for a three-year period plus an additional $25 for each point above six points. Under New York State Law, the following lists the number of points given for various traffic violations:

Speeding tickets, moving violations, commercial traffic violations, and weight violations can affect your right to hold a license, operate a commercial vehicle, and could result in significant fines. At the law office of Jason M. Lesko, Esq., I am experienced in handling violations along the heavily policed Routes 28 and 87, throughout Ulster County and on occasion in Greene County and Northern Orange County. I have practiced Vehicle and Traffic law in the area for several years and am very familiar with the process as well as the judges who preside over such cases and the officers who enforce the law.

I understand the laws and have significant experience with the officers who enforce them. Let me talk with you today about reducing possible fines and protecting your driving privileges. Contact Jason M. Lesko, Esq. , for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

Challenging a speeding ticket : Often people who receive a speeding ticket or moving violation will simply plead guilty through the mail without considering the future consequences. A plea of "guilty" by mail results in points on your license, fines and could involve later repercussions that may affect your license, your insurance premiums, and could cost you in the years to come . A speeding ticket is a serious offense. If you have recently received a speeding ticket, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. I can appear in court on your behalf if you cannot make it to the court date.

Traffic violations: I am experienced in the defense of any ticket involving moving violations, including speeding tickets, reckless driving, equipment violations such as having an unauthorized lights or tinted windows, unlicensed operation, failure to obey traffic signs/signals/markings, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and any other moving violations.

Weight violations/commercial trucking: If your company has received a commercial vehicle violation for an overweight or equipment, you will understand the toll it can take financially. You may have received a speeding ticket or have been stopped by a New York state trooper for incorrectly securing materials being hauled.

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