Order Enforcement Lawyer

Under any order made by the court, parties must be in compliance of that order. If either party violates a court order, legal action can be taken. If you require legal representation to prosecute or defend the violation of an order of custody, visitation support, or any other type of family court order, I can help you.

When faced with a violation of a court order, do not wait to seek legal help. Allowing a violation to continue may be viewed as acceptance of the other party's failure or refusal to follow the terms of the order.  Contact me by e-mail to speak with an experienced lawyer.

Protecting Your Rights Under Court Order

Enforcing court orders can be difficult, especially when a party continually refuses to be in compliance. I am family law attorney Jason M. Lesko, Esq. With nearly 10 years of experience handling family court matters, I will make sure that your rights are protected.

Child Custody Enforcements

Child custody and visitation agreements need to be taken seriously, as there has been careful consideration in determining the best interests of the child. A party can be held in contempt of court if he or she violates this agreement.

Support Order Enforcements

Child support payments are supposed to be made in full and on time. I can help you seek enforcement and ask the court to impose sanctions, fines, and even jail time for a party who is in willful violation of a child support agreement. If a change in circumstances warrants that child support payments be increased, I can help you file for that as well. Alternatively, if you are having trouble meeting your child support payments, I can help you seek a reduction.

Contact an Ulster County Custody Order Enforcement Attorney

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