Ulster County Child Custody Lawyer

Many parents, before the start of any actions, will seek an order from the court to determine the issue of child custody. Arguably, a Family Court is better suited to resolve the numerous difficult issues associated with child custody matters and achieve the goal of safeguarding the best interest of the child or children involved. If you require child custody representation, you should strongly consider consulting with an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible.

Experience matters when it comes to child custody representation. Contact Jason M. Lesko, Esq., today to schedule a initial consultation. We can discuss the specific facts surrounding your child custody dispute as well as how the law applies to your case.

More Than 15 Years of Service to Families in New York

At the law office of Jason M. Lesko, Esq., I provide quality and experienced family law representation to those in need of legal counsel for Family Court. You will find I am extremely dedicated to your individual case. I am a solo practitioner, so it will be me and no one else handling every phase of your case. I will be sure to cater my approach to your unique needs. I spend a great deal of time talking with and listening to concerns so that I can act with the strength and compassion my clients need to resolve their issues.

Child Custody and Best Interests of the Child

With any child custody case, the court will always make its decision based on the best interests of the child. This is different for every individual case. Whether you are still married or divorced from your child's parent and want a legal and binding custody arrangement, or require a modification or enforcement of an existing custody order, I have the experience to help you.

Child Support

In some situations, child support can also be determined prior to any actions. I can help you seek a child support, order make modifications to an existing order or defend you against an alleged violation of an existing order of support.

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