Traffic Tickets FAQ's

Q: How do I answer the ticket I received?

Complete the Guilty or Not Guilty boxes on the rear or right hand side of the ticket. Mail the ticket to the court address located at the bottom. When the court receives the ticket they will notify you of the amount of your fine or the time and place of your court appearance.

Q: There is no fine listed on the ticket. How much will it cost?

The New York State Police does not determine the amount of any fine that might be charged if a motorist is convicted of a traffic offense. There are minimum and maximum penalties that are established by law, and the judge presiding over the case will make the final determination of any penalty to be imposed. Questions regarding potential penalties should be referred to the Court having jurisdiction over the specific case.

Q: I can't read court the information on the bottom of the ticket. What do I do?

Determine which troop and zone you were in when you received your ticket by looking at the Troop Location Map on this site. Then, call the Troop Headquarters for that area and ask for the Traffic Section. You must be able to accurately describe where you were when you received your ticket before NYSP personnel to determine under which court's jurisdiction you fall. If you do not have sufficient information for NYSP personnel to assist, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Q: Will I have to go to Court for my speeding ticket?

No. In most cases I can resolve speeding tickets and other traffic charges without you having to go to Court. I will send you a form that authorizes us to appear on your behalf and accept a plea bargain. There are a few courts where you will have to attend, but that is very rare.

Q: Do I need a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

You don't need a lawyer, but in many courts I can get you a better deal than you will get for yourself, with fewer points, a lower fine and less hassle.

Q: What courts do you cover?

I handle speeding tickets and other traffic cases for most of Upstate New York. I do not handle tickets in New York City, Long Island, but we can refer you to someone who does.

Q: Will my insurance rates go up if I get a speeding ticket?

A speeding conviction or other moving violation will be reported on your New York State driving record. If you are insured in New York, some violations can affect your insurance.

Q: What do you charge for a speeding ticket?

For most speeding and other vehicle & traffic cases I charge a flat fee that starts at $300.00. My flat charge increases depending upon the location of the court where your ticket is being heard. Courts that are farther away from my office require a slightly higher flat fee due to longer travel time. In addition, my fees are higher where other factors exist that would make your case more time consuming and/or difficult to handle (such as multiple charges, several court appearances or if you request to go to trial rather than negotiate a reduced offense).

Q: Will you accept a payment plan on speeding ticket cases?

No. I accept personal checks, money orders and bank checks, but any personal checks must clear before I can represent you in court.

Q: What is the point system?

For NY drivers, see the chart on points.